Healthy Eating Can Improve Your Uterine Lining As Well As Pregnancy

There are some food, which you can eat to strengthen and build the uterine lining, which would in turn aid with implantation and ongoing pregnancy. If you’re following a fertility diet with an emphasis on no processed sugar, no overly processed foods, no trans fat, “good” carbohydrates, plenty of whole foods and grains, veggies and fruits, then you are in excellent state for encouraging your lining to reach the thickness, which it needs in order to support implantation — barring any underlining medical issue.

Normally, the uterine lining has been known to grow 1 to 2 mm every other day in response to estrogen. After ovulation, a lining of between 8 and 13 mm is considered to be normal. If the lining doesn’t develop to this thickness, it is harder for the embryo to implant. A few reasons this may happen include infection, scarring from D&Cs, low estrogen levels, poor uterine blood supply and sometimes even endometrial antibodies.

If the causes are low estrogen or poor uterine blood supply, it is possible for the patient to make a difference with a change in her eating habits. Estrogen is what causes our lining to grow. As we age, estrogen levels can decrease, affecting our lining. Our ovaries are just don’t put out as much estrogen as they used to do at a younger age. So here’s a few tips that might help in the estrogen levels in the body-

  • Limit sugar intake, as it can upset the delicate balance of the hormones in a woman’s body
  • Eat a healthy, mostly whole foods diet. According to some health practitioners, eating foods that contain phytoestrogens is a good choice, thereby adding them in on a gradual basis.
  • Don’t eat peas, as they’re known to be a natural contraceptive.
  • Eat soy with caution, as it contains a lot of phytoestrogens. Consumption in large or concentrated amount can lead to some serious negative impact on fertility.
  • Consume blood nourishing and iron rich foods, such as protein. Remember to eat meat lean and organic only. Besides animal protein, other good blood builders include: rice and oats, lentils and other types of beans and legumes, green leafy vegetables, cabbage, celery, mushrooms, and nuts and seeds.
  • Last, bringing more blood to your uterus also helps. Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine work have been well known for improving circulation and bringing blood to the uterus.

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