8 Things Not to Say to Your Aging Parents

Parents make us nuts and saying this would be politically incorrect. Our aging parents seem to drive us completely crazy. The forgetfulness, the repetitions and the incessant asking whether we would like to have something, these are instances that literally kill children. Eventually, when we are not able to take all this, our mouths tumble rude insults and comments which are really not meant but they simply slip out of the well-meaning mouth. There are many elder care services that can be considered in order to give the right health and mental care services that our parents require. The best multi specialty hospital in Kolkata offers the best services in this field. Here, we will have a look at the things that we should not say to our aging parents and they are as follows:

“How is it possible for you to forget that!?”

You must never say this to your aging parents. As they age, it is quite likely that they will start losing memory. Therefore, it is best for you to make use of post-its notes and place them around. You can place them on dashboards, bathroom mirrors and refrigerators.

“ You would be able to do it if you tried.”

Simple tasks become impossible for people with arthritis in their fingers or the ones with backs that do not bend easily. Aging parents might not be able to take up different tasks in the same way as they used to do it before. Therefore you must try taking up the tasks and seeing where they are having trouble. This will give your parents an assurance that you are there to handle everything.

“I showed you the usage procedure just yesterday.”

Our aging parents are not good at learning the modern technology and the method of using the modern gadgets available in the recent times. Sometimes even we do not know how to handle the new devices. Therefore, you must show your aging parents the right method of using modern technology.

“How is it related to the present subject of conversation?”

Conversations with the aging parents might turn rogue. This is due to the fact that they generally keep their minds on the thread. It might also be that they are simply bored of the subject. Avoid suppressing sadness and anger in your parents. You must gently explain the importance of the conversation that he or she deferred from.

“I know it, you told me the other day.”

Don’t you repeat yourself? You do, right? So, why can’t your parents do the same thing? You can simply make a joke out of the repetitions that your parents make instead of losing patience. This will amuse and even relax your mother and father.

“I want your property after death.”

This is completely wrong. It makes you appear like a vulture waiting for the death of your parents. In this scenario, you must make your parents understand that it is good for them if they specify the things that they will be leaving for you.

“You can’t go for movies, you just sleep there.”

For the parents the darkened theatres are places where they can snooze off a little. There is no use in reminding them that it is not a good practice. You must get habituated. After all they are your aging parents.

“Your grandson’s name is John.”

This sounds rude. There should be some gentleness in the words that you utter. You must never sound angry or critical when speaking to your aging parents. Instead, you must speak gently and have a friendly smile on your face.

Your motto when dealing with the elderly should be reframing and not blaming. If you are not very good at speaking with your aging parents, do not tend to be rude as well. Woodland and support elders have come up together for offering the best health care services to the elders. You can always take these services for offering the best help to your aging parents.

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